EmBodyMind is a fundamental approach to embodiment through movement, touch and awareness. It is a process of re-learning the state of integrated Body-Mind. The process is gradual, gentle and non-manipulative. Though when we actively engage in this process and as we continue to explore subtle changes that arise from it, we discover new possibilities for perception,  movement, communication and healing. The results of this discovery are immediate and deep. Our cells respond immediately recognizing the chance to find an efficient, healthier and more integrated organization.

In the process of embodiment we re-discover the state of being in which we are Our Body as well as Our Mind. Cognitive and Physical, Emotional and Kinesthetic¬† reflect one another and support each other in myriad ways. As we become more and more aware of our body’s wisdom and interconnectedness we expend our consciousness, re-training our mind. Our Body-Mind discovers new ways of being. With practice those new ways of being are then patterned and become our new and improved organization. These new patterns become our new habits, and as we discover the freedom of moving in a new way the old inefficient patterns gradually fade away. Our bodies naturally choose new patterns over the old ones, because the new patterns are more efficient, powerfull and pain-free. They are more integrated with the whole body. They make us feel more connected, intelligent and alive.

EmBodyMind practice takes us on an experiential journey in which we discover and connect to the consciousness of our cells in three consecutive steps: visualization, somatization and embodiment. It is a gradual process and all three stages overlap all the time. In the beginning it requires guidance. With practice it becomes a direct experience and the guide and witness integrate with the action of moving and sensing rooted in cellular consciousness.

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