EmBodyMind and Yoga

EmBodyMind approach to asana practice is based on experiential anatomy and utilizes all traditional elements of Hatha Yoga, as it was taught through centuries. It is yet not another style of Yoga. It is an integral perspective on this ancient practice and it offers a way to bridge, connect, understand and integrate all existing styles and methods of teaching and practicing asanas.



EmBodyMind approach offers comprehensive, multidimensional and flexible techniques, tools and methods to rejuvenate, individualize and transform your yoga practice, weather you are a beginner or an advanced student.

Rooted in experiential anatomy and Somatic Principles this approach offers an integrated and detailed attention to every aspect of moving in and out of the postures, finding stillness and integrating the practice in our Body-Mind. Special attention is given to transitioning from one pose to another and multiple ways of initiating and finding support. Weather you are looking for ways to improve your balance, flexibility or strength; weather you would like to find better skeletal support in new pose or sequence; or even if you explored all possible challenges and are wondering if there is anything else for you to discover – EmBodyMind approach has lots of wonderful surprises for you.

EmBodyMind perspective on YOGA reveals ancient wisdom of this complex practice in a new illuminating way – your asana practice becomes an expression of the principles of sthira (steadiness, firmness) and sukha (ease and comfort) where each part of your body finds it’s fluid participation in functional integrity and expressive freedom of your Conscious Body and Embodied Mind.