Somatic Re-Patterning

Somatic Re-Patterning is an approach of working with movement patterns and posture through Somatic exercises, visualization, sensory awareness and touch with the purpose of improving efficiency of movement, discovering healthy alignment and pain-free life. This deep and powerful work can be applied to all areas where we perform in our bodies – from movement arts to simply walking or working in the office.


Would you like to learn to walk without pain?

Would you like some help becoming a better athlete?

Would you like to prevent Yoga and sport injuries?


Our bodies and minds are organized living entities. Our cells learn to breath, move and relate to the environment in a certain organized way, based on the circumstances. Once they learned they continue executing the same way of being until there is a new one – more efficient or more integrated way of being. When we experience trauma, our cells learn a stressful, fragmented and isolated way of functioning and relating. To undo that trauma effect we must offer them a new way in a non-stressful / non-violent way.

The process of Somatic Re-Patterning is subtle and non-manipulative as well as profound and transformative. It gently guides our bodies to re-organize connections between the parts – tissues and cells. This process is a collaboration and the main tool is our own awareness.

Vital Somatics offers guidance and re-patterning sessions to help you transform your physical activities into pleasure. Guidance is available in the form of a class or an individual session.

Discover the benefits of Somatic Re-Patterning

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