Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage is a practice of soft tissue manipulation with a purpose to facilitate physical and psychological relaxation; to release pain; to reduce stress and tension and stiffness; and to improve circulation of body fluids.

Massage involves working with and manipulating the body tissues with various amount of pressure and different qualities of touch. Focus might be given to practically any tissue in the body–  muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, fascia, lymphatic vessels,  organs and joints.

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Vital Somatics‘ approach to Therapeutic Massage incorporates wide variety of massage techniques, aiming to achieve deep relaxation, peaceful connectedness and integration of the whole body. Based on Somatic Principles it allows us to work with the tissues instead of on the tissues. Inviting every cell of recipient’s body to become aware of itself and the environment we restore the balance within the tissues. This allows them to become more elastic and alive. Which in turn supports communication between the tissues and body systems. As a result the whole body receives a powerful impulse to recuperate, re-organize, and heal.

Multiple specific issues can be addressed in massage, including neck and shoulders tension and pain; headaches and migraine; lower back pain; nerve issues, joint pain and discomfort; muscle chronic tension and spasms; Myofascial pain; immune system deficiency; breathing disorders and circulatory problems.

Before your first session it might be very good to talk with your therapist about desired outcomes and expectations you have. Together with your health information this will be a vital part of the intervention.

Types of Massage

Follow the link bellow to read about the massage techniques I incorporate in my work. While I am aware of benefits of each technique that exists in the massage field, I also believe that each body requires a unique approach and every technique should be modified or adjusted to suit individual needs.

Massage Techniques