Types of Massage

Everyone can benefit from massage and bodywork, but each individual might have different expectations and needs in different areas of their body at different times. You can make your massage session more enjoyable and beneficial by clarifying what kind of massage you prefer.

There are many massage types and each has their specific benefits and purposes:

•  Wellness / Restorative Massage
•  Circulatory Massage
•  Energy Work
•  Soft Tissue Mobilization and Stretching
•  Joint Mobilization and Range of Motion
•  Sports Massage / Athletic Massage
•  Trigger Points / Deep Tissue
•  Reflexology & Foot Massage


Depending on the case I can work on the table or on the mat; directly on the skin or through your clothing. Work on the table usually involves direct contact with the skin and use of lotion or oil, while working on the mat allows incorporating more stretches and movement into a session. I can also work through your clothing on the table. Feel free to suggest what type of massage might be more suitable for you and then we can discuss which techniques you might better benefit from. This will help us to design your perfect massage session.