Somatic Bodywork

photo by Sergey Mishin

Somatic Bodywork is an approach that utilizes touch, verbal communication, guided visualization, active and passive movement. Sessions are done on the mat or on the table with the recipient comfortably dressed to allow freedom to alternate positions, movement and stillness. This serves various purposes including facilitation of postural and movement re-patterning; recuperation from stress and chronic fatigue; improvement of movement coordination and articulation. It enhances your ability to balance mental, emotional and physical; to heighten vitality and well-being; to increase awareness and empower your innate healing abilities.

Benefits of Somatic Bodywork

Natural self-healing potential can be awakened in everyone. When you empower yourself to be responsive and curious about subtle changes in your body you create a powerful container for your mind to become an explorer, a guide and an agent of positive change. Becoming aware of your body states and rhythms you multiply your body abilities to heal, to recuperate and maintain a state of equilibrium. This happens when you learn to attend to subtle changes that happen when you bring your focus to different layers and tissues in the body.

Learn more about Somatic Principles

Somatic Bodywork suggests working with (as opposed to on) the body tissues with various amount of pressure and different qualities of touch. It emphasizes sensory awareness, breath patterns, subtle energy, movement re-patterning, experiential learning and holistic principles. Focus might be moving between different areas and tissues in the body, including muscles, nerves, bones, tendons, ligaments, skin, fascia, joints, organs, endocrine glands and fluids. This integrated awareness brings incredible possibilities for healing and equilibrium.