Benefits of Bodywork

Most of  Therapeutic Massage benefits can be achieved in Somatic Bodywork as well. Though, because of the differences in approaching touch and movement it is useful to decide before the session what you might better benefit from – massage or bodywork.

Benefits of Somatic Bodywork

•  Helps to restore natural balance and organic wholeness
•  Assists in recuperation and promotes natural healing abilities
•  Facilitates better posture, enabling the body to function most efficiently
•  Facilitates greater ease and freedom in movement
•  Prevents development of illness
•  Assists finding ease and efficiency of movement during pregnancy
•  Facilitates faster healing from injuries and surgery
•  Induces muscle tone balance and enhances structural support
•  Facilitates greater joint flexibility and range of motion
•  Facilitates self-guided relaxation; balances nervous system
•  Enhances athletic performance
•  Stimulates circulation of chi and fluid balance
•  Reduces back pain, spinal deformities, shoulder and neck pain
•  Promotes joint health and functioning
•  Assists in releasing impinged nerves and chronically contracted muscles
•  Alleviates lower back pain and improve range of motion
•  Assists in releasing shoulder and neck tension and pain
•  Enhances whole body breathing and cellular breathing
•  Brings together natural balance of all systems in the body
•  Facilitates body awareness and mind-body integration

Before your first session it might be very good to talk with your therapist about desired outcomes and expectations you have. Together with your health information this will be a vital part of the intervention.

Bodywork Techniques