Bodywork Techniques

I use following techniques which I might combine or modify depending on your own request or my observations and intuition. I believe that every single body is unique and has an intelligence and wisdom. All the techniques are only approximate schemes, and there is no technique that works the same way for everyone.

My Somatic Bodywork style is influenced by following approaches:

•  Body-Mind Centering®
•  Cranio-Sacral Balancing
•  Breath Awareness
•  Somatic Visualization
•  Trager Bodywork
•  Structural Bodywork
•  Neuro-Muscular Integration
•  Esalen Massage



As a foundation for bodywork and movement re-patterning I use principles and techniques of following approaches and schools:

•  Body-Mind Centering®
•  Laban Movement Analysis
•  Bartenieff Fundamentals