Vitali Kononov

Vitali Kononov is a bodyworker, a movement artist and a somatic movement therapist and educator. His approach to movement and bodywork is deeply influenced by the Body-Mind Centering® and Dynamic Embodiment. He has been teaching contact improvisation since 1997 and his background includes massage therapy, contemporary dance, physical theater, contact improvisation, as well as various somatic disciplines and yoga. A graduate from ‘Developmental Movement’, ‘Somatic Movement Education’, and ‘Embodied Anatomy and Yoga’ programs of The School for Body-Mind Centering®. He has been teaching at Moving On Center – School for Participatory Arts and Somatic Research since 2002.

I offer 3 interrelated approaches to bodywork and recovery. Each has it’s benefits and place. Passive massage sessions are a great short term remedy, perfect for quick rejuvenation purposes. Somatic Bodywork is more specific and addresses chronic issues, injuries and structural alignment. Re-patterning are integrating movement, touch and awareness and help you enhance your moving abilities. From more passive to more active your participation increases. You are welcome to try all 3 modalities or stick with one.

Movement is the expression of our life force. As we move daily we develop movement habits. Some of them become inefficient and steer us towards injury and pain. Some of them are working well at first but as we age become troublesome and create wear and tear. We often become so used to our habits that simply can’t see our options. It is my honor and joy to guide my clients through discovery of hidden potential of their movement choices towards healthier and stronger movement patters.